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The Fatigue Prescription Blog Tour Begins!

Check Your RENEW-o-Meter Today! by Midlife Mona Lisa blogger Brenda Clevenger;

It’s ironic that I promised to post a review about The Fatigue Prescription by Linda Hawes Clever, MD, today. I worked two 14 hour days this weekend in order to be somewhat caught up with client work enough to jump on a plane to go on a hot assignment. Today.

I let down one of my fashion show partners by missing a major meeting, today, about our Fab, Fit and Frocked Fashion show, which is Saturday, but it feels like today.

I think it’s only just given the balls I have in the air, and no doubt you too, that you and I both check our Renew-O-Meter, which is one of dozens of helpful tools in The Fatigue Prescription. The book offers four steps to renew your energy, health and life. Perhaps I’ll read it on the plane. Today.

So add up your points and tell me how you did? Hint, 0-20 isn’t very good. You’re dropping balls and need to stop and make some major adjustments in your life by not taking on so much or building in more time for self care.

I scored a 27 so I think I’ll live, but I’m going to do the rest of the exercises in this wonderful jewel of a book when I return so I don’t harm any other valuable relationships by being stretched too thin.

Grab a copy for $16.95 so you can skip the fluff and apply a step-by-step program for tackling fatigue, TODAY!
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