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The Fatigue Prescription: Four Steps to Renewing Your Energy, Health and Life

The Fatigue Prescription is a compelling book designed for these busy times; Dr. Clever offers a practical means of taking stock of self, and then embarking on a wise means of renewal.


-- Abraham Verghese
author of "Cutting For Stone"


How do we get through our to-do list day in and day out without getting flat out exhausted? Sounds like a tall order but the Fatigue Prescription gives you concrete strategies to rise above the busy schedules and rediscover the meaning behind the madness. Going beyond quick fixes takes courage and discipline on your part, but this book is packed with easy-to-use interactive tools to bring the vitality and joy back into your life.


-- Jamie Woolf
author of "Mom-in-Chief: How Wisdom From the Workplace Can Save Your Family From Chaos"


. . .How come many of us are so tired? Does fatigue serve a survival purpose, and if so, what might that purpose be? The antenna of fatigue says, "Slow down,.Rest". As a back of the pack marathoner for over forty years I should be a world expert on fatigue, but I am not. Is it muscle lactic acid buildup? Or is it brain fatigue, the cortical cells depleted of staying power? Or is it the spirit that flags in its resolve, looking elsewhere for renewal and respite?
Linda Clever's handsome book takes on these big issue considerations, and helps find resolution to universal fatigue.
Read and renew.


-- Walter M. Bortz,II, M.D.
author of "We Live Too Short and Die Too Long: How to Achieve and Enjoy Your Natural 100-year-plus Life Span"